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Jul 23, 2010 5:00pm PDT
boasting about this coming weekend but he didn't make it. >> crystal re mariano served in the u.s. navy for 20 years and he's behind a wife, seven year- old daughter in the philippines. in oakland kron 4 news. >> >> >> is are permitted to release the statement they say " we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the employee's family and friends, and we're providing support to the employees at the oakland medical. ". the oakland police department could be getting federal help to deal with the recent rash of violence has kron 4 to do on thursday oakland police chief is they're reaching out to several federal agencies for assistance losing 80 officers. christine conley fought with that will mean for oakland residents. >> the oakland police department plans to draw federal agencies to town with a today violent summit. officials say it's in the works now set for late august it will bring and agencies like the fbi, dea, atf. the u.s. attorney's office said the first day officials will meet with community leaders to discuss what's needed. if the second day amid the with the police department to h
Jul 27, 2010 5:00pm PDT
top u.s. military officer disagrees he argues the leak could put american lives at risk. he said there is concern now about people in pakistan and afghanistan who work for the u.s.. the documents were posted on the with the leaks website. a corruption trial wrapping up there is going to court today attorneys get to very different descriptions of the former illinois governor in their closing arguments today. if prosecutors say he's a scheming politicians who have ask for favors without being explicit. the defense says he's a big talker he's an innocent victim. he pleaded not guilty to try and sell or trade to the senate seat last vacant by brock a bomb of. the arizona hospital involved in a terrible case of a mistaken identity if trying to explain to reporters what went wrong and that was an easy trip to young women killed in a recent car crash were mixed up to the parents of the woman who died were told she was alive that's a photo of the woman who died and she does look like the young woman who survived. while everyone is saying they are sorry about the confusion and no agency is acce
Jul 19, 2010 5:00pm PDT
relationships between the u.s. and other countries. there newsome is pushing for san francisco goes for the world's biggest sporting events. he was san francisco to hold the 34th america's world cup race. it suggested a race would bring in $1.4 billion it would also create nearly 9000 jobs. the 34th annual america's cup will be held in 2013 or 14 at the city of oracle ceo as see the golden gate yacht club holding america. when bay area city made travel and leisure dock, list of the city's for single people live. our web producer kimberly tells us where. >> just barely making it and that san francisco and the no. 9 spot trouble leisure uses what makes a good single scene sometimes it strumming locals are just a whole lot of bars. they put together a list of one of time to go for both. san francisco said locals are stylish and averse and not hard on the icy their pub crawling is easy and san francisco rank fourth in the survey has been pedestrian to family. only downside the city by the bay is pricey came in at 27 in affordability appeared the top three cities on the list are no arlen's, miam
Jul 28, 2010 5:00pm PDT
u.s. justice apart as challenge the law singer would lead to racial profiling. arizona gov. reacting to today's decision by a federal judge demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse. it was close to the public because of the emotion surrounding the case. judge: temporarily blocked enforcement of the most controversial provisions of arizona senate bill 1073 she said no nation status wall in forcing other laws. note to require non-citizens to have immigration papers with them all times. >> i raised this law and apartheid law. >> those provisions would lead to racial profiling. governor brown or and supporters of the law sid's vital to protecting the state's legal residents. >> we are being invaded by a legal immigration in the state of arizona. >> a new cnn poll say most americans agree with her. 55 percent said they approve of the law of the same time 54 percent say they think best we can 70 will be to greater discrimination against hispanics. look at this what us whether not think the law will lecture reduce illegal immigration while only 48 percent say yes. one thing b
Jul 20, 2010 5:00pm PDT
appeared theç e president barack obama both condemned recent release but carroll rejected u.s. calls for an investigation saying there is no indication that bp if had swayed the controversial decision. chinese officials are rushing to keep an oil spill from reaching international waters. your looking at the scene and the all see oil has been pouring in the water since to pipelines exploded. this is an area were usual4?rÑ=gi hundreds of fishing boats couch as cleanup crews. environmental group is trying to figure out to have the country's largest reported still is even worse than the chinese are indicating carried >>. traffic look at six city north and southbound bumper-to- bumper readout to the south on highway 24 slow go. a live look to san jose traffic moving pretty smoothly 101 north and south out as you make your way past and that ought to laugh. ]9w these seven interchange south down. but toyota recall lawsuit against the discovery phase. the plaintiffs and defendants toyota will exchange information appeared the judge said both sides will have a hundred days to complete the proce
Jul 15, 2010 5:14pm PDT
to a prolonged to that ship. it is almost a year since three u.s. hikers were detained in ron and tonight their mothers are pleading again for their release. this is video from back in may when the mothers were able to visit the berkeley three since they were captured. the mothers call for an end to the " on just an arbitrary detention of their children ". they were captured on july the 31st for crossing the iraq border into ron. >> new details tonight about traffic on the golden gate bridge officials confirm rush- hour has been a little more hectic lately. transportation reporter mark jones says the beginning completes. >> officials say traffic is heavier the problem is the bridge only has six lanes. morning rush-hour gets for lane south and in the afternoon they switch to four lanes north. bridge officials say they've had two dozen complaints about the lane switches happened late. causing congestion north bound yourself about depending on the town of the day. it seems worse because it is. there's more cars in the bridge this time of year to restore the fast track of the doral dr
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6